Home or how to structure your chaos?

A dance and theatre piece written and performed by Michaela Meschke and Françoise Roche.


Two women in a virtual house, a home where nothing is missing for the every day life, soap, spaghettis...But this home is leaking, whatever you want to keep, flows away, years are passing, parents are dying and more and more pieces off cloth gather.


To organize chaos turns out to be an ironical yet touching never-ending business.

 Pathetic, cruel and comic.


As we were creating Home... we got inspired by Florence Aubenas and her book Le Quais d'Ouistreham and Marguerite Duras, La vie Materielle. The text we finally wrote emerged from our research and mostly our improvisations about life stories, real or invented and different states of being.

Bodies running, working and dancing.


Direction and choreography: Michaela Meschke and Françoise Roche

Directing assistente : Madeleine Mainier

Scenography : Fabrice Antore

Photography Christophe Lavaud

Film Alexis Thanassekos

Photography Christophe Lavaud

Film Alexis Thanassekos