The city as a silent dancefloor

Walkwoman perform for passers-by. The challenge is to get them to join in. Body energy communicates the pleasure of dancing, and when people stop to look the performers offer them headphones to hear the music. An intimacy is created, within the distance of the length of the headphone lead. The audience is becoming part of the performance and sometimes taking over it! The perception of hectic city life has been altered, routine has been broken. The street becomes a poetical silent dancefloor, communicating the pleasure of dancing.


After several stage productions of contemporary dance, the french swedish choreographer Michaela Meschke decided to transform the city into a stage, and more, make it a meeting spot where movement is used as a way to communicate. It is not only about the dance and the dancers but about being fellow citizens, being able to share a moment of joy and invite a stranger to dance.


Walkwoman started dancing in the streets in 2012. Since then the group has been dancing in over 50 places, inviting people of all nationalities to dance in Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Brussels, Ypres, Paris, Ramallah and Stockholm.



Choreography and concept: Michaela Meschke




Coline Bouloy, Lucile Dru, Syrielle Guignard, Marine Fillioud, Laure Joly and Michaela Meschke.


Photography Christophe Lavaud


Video by Mister Sucre

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