Feather Land

A theatre of movements, a taciturn dance, words to divert a situation.


Let’s juxtapose the pathways of migrating birds with the routes of colonisation.  

Let’s suppose that a history of feathers might be a metaphore of history of men and women.


The ironi of the object : the feather is a symbol of richness since the Renaissance and at the same time, this object means flying away towards liberty, capable to cross all frontiers.


A crossroad of easthetics, where the exuberance from art history meets contemporary minimalisme, where a man is reduced to a simple line, a shadow.


There is a direct dialogue inbetween performers and the audience. We will defend our theory in your company




Feather Land is supported by l'Incubateur and la Fabrique de la Danse. 

Première in June 2020 at Carreau du Temple, Paris


Choreography and direction: Michaela Meschke

Performers: Manon Gallet, Brieuc Le Guern, Michaela Meschke, Olivier Sztenjberg

Scenography: Laercio Redondo

Costumes: Birger Lipinski