Feather Land

dispacement without wings

A theatre of movements, a taciturn dance, words to divert a situation.


Let’s juxtapose the pathways of migrating birds with the routes of colonisation.

 Let’s suppose that a history of feathers might be a metaphore of history of men and women.

 The ironi of the object : the feather is a symbol of richness since the Renaissance and at the same time, this object means flying away towards liberty, capable to cross all frontiers.


A crossroad of easthetics, where the exuberance from art history meets contemporary minimalisme, where a man is reduced to a simple line, a shadow.


There is a direct dialogue inbetween performers and the audience. We will share our theories, our doubts and try to have a look upon ourselves, europeans of today.




Choreography and direction: Michaela Meschke


Performers: Lucile Dru, François Grolier, Brieuc Le Guern, Michaela Meschke, Olivier Sztejnberg


Costumes and scenography: Birger Lipinski and Laercio Redondo



Feather Land is supported by l'Incubateur des Chorégraphes, la Fabrique de la Danse, and The Swedish Institut in Paris.




Festival Impulsion, Swedish Institut, 2&3 of july 2022


Soirée des Chorégraphes / Carreau du Temple / Wednesday 26 may 2021. 


Residency at Théâtre des Roches, 26-30 oct 2020


Performance Post.clic  at the co.galerie / Friday 29 of june, 2020, 19h-21h


Residency presentation / Carreau du Temple / Friday 7 february,2020 12h


Residency presentation with Danse en Seine / Carreau du Temple / Wednesday 13th novembre 2019, 21h


Show your frasq & La Nuit Blanche / Le Générateur / Saturday 5th octobre 2019, 22h-01h