Seconds used to be longer

A theatrical performance in movements, situated in the middle of the city. Since the question is : how do we use our time? the by passers are immediately part of the scenario, no matter if they choose to stay or to leave.


Asking questions to each other and to the audience, the piece provokes thoughts about what time is worth and how we chose to spend that value. Is it something that we share, that we even accept to give away for free?



I sell four minutes of breathing


I sell seven seconds of future



An adaptation of the theme to be played in schools, with the audience taking part of the performance.



Stockholm Fringe Fest

Festival du Jardin d'Eol

Coproduction Centre du ressource du danseur



Choreography and texts : Michaela Meschke


Performers: Marie Chassot & Cédric Poirot


School version: Marie Chassot, Marion Maugein et Michaela Meschke


Photography : Laercio Redondo, Thomas Ozoux