The Whisperers // To chose or to decide ?

The Whisperers appears as personal messengers, as an opposite to town criers shouting out news. They create a moment of intimacy as they reveal a story in the ear of the audience. The performance starts as invisible theatre and slowly reveal the common action of all the performers.


Is it a secret, un unfinished idea, a true story, a question rising another question…?


For each performance a special theme is chosen.

First one out: choosing or deciding, the question of choices, including thoughts on chance process, it's strategies and anecdotes.



Concept : Michaela Meschke


With : Coline Bouloy, Lucile Dru, Nicolas Deconchat, Syrielle Guignard, Marine Fillioud, Laure Joly, Brieuc Le Guern, Michaela Meschke, Thibault Morin and Lucas Taïola.