Comment tu t'appelles

This piece puts paintings, dancers and actors in motion together, questioning the idea of identity. The one that we have and other ones, that we might want to take over, explore, or just look through someone elses eyes for a moment.


The portraits are being used as characters, taking life thanks to the dancers bodies, using them as masks, adding a 3 dimensional aspect.


Each portrait has been given an own text by writer Fabienne Pharo, and a new personality emerges from the character, the painting talking the role of an actor.


Instead of having the audience visiting the paintings as in a gallery, the audience is sitting down and the paintings occupy the space. Roles are being exchanged and finally, we are all able to change our point of view, change the cards and rewrite our own history.



Choreography, paintings and concept: Michaela Meschke


Performers: Valerie Bourgeois, Sabrina Marion, Michaela Meschke, Candy Rigaud, Thomas Degas, José Luis Pagès, Anders Sanzén


Texts: Fabienne Pharo


Photography: Benoît Pailley