Everyone has the capacity to create. Dance and movement are great means to share what can not be put in words: ways of being, touching, listening, sharing music, use the imagination and play with others. A different way to be one self, a unique way to move. The class is there to put words on our qualities and help to reinforce the confidence in our bodies and our sense of moving. By helping the students to connect to their own material, we work together on how to enlarge the possibilities, how to chose where to go next in order to find new pathways. 


I have been deeply inspired by artists such as Anna Halprin, David Zambrano, DV8, Jonathan Burrows and Steve Paxton. They have in common to put art in life and life in art.



Feather Land workshop with Danse en Seine

Workshops related to the piece Feather Land with the amateur group "Danse en Seine, novembre 2019

Photo credits : Nicolas Boulain

Dance, imagination and creation

Carreau du Temple, May 2019

Photo credit : Christophe Lavaud

Fuck that fake

Created together with Olivier Boréel at l'Ecole de Théâtre l'Eponyme. 

Performance, texts and mouvement. Paris 2018. 


Text and Mouvement

Presentation of l'Atelier Théâtral de Création at Générateur, 2014

Research based on Fragments d'un discours amoureux de Roland Barthes.

Art and Mouvement : Guernica

Guernica interactive work, IRTS Parmentier 2016

Acrylic painting and recycled material. The characters of the painting are assembled onto the painting during a group performance.

Mouvement and Text

Dance and theatre workshop with Françoise Roche, Micadanse, 2013

Photography Christophe Lavaud

Painting and Mouvement

Group works inspired by Basquiat et Pollock,

IRTS Parmentier 2012

Text and Mouvement

Research based on "Les jours s'en vont", John Fosse.

Direction and choreography together with Françoise Roche,

L'Atelier Théâtral de création. 2012

Solitude dealer

Dealer de solitude, research on textes from Bernard-Marie Koltès.

With the students from l'Ecole de Théâtre l'Eponyme, 2010

Materials and Mouvements

Greywith the students from l'Ecole de Théâtre l'Eponyme. 2009