Michaela Meschke is a choreographer, director, performer and dance teacher.


Michaela was born in Sweden. Passionate about languages, she studies classical and modern languages. After the baccalaureate she continues learning italian, greek and french. Settling down in Paris, she studies contemporary dance and theatre at Rencontres Internationales de Danse Contemporaine, l’Ecole Jacques Lecoq and at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre during a stay in New York.


She fulfills her training with an academic background, getting a Master degree in Dance and a Bachelor in Theatre at the Sorbonne. This brings her to write for Danstidningen, Swedens mayor dance journal.


In 1996 she presents her first choreography, and since then she develops numerous projects for the stage, where dance meets theatre and visual arts.


Her artistic research involves questions about identities, borders and how to live together. Her writings for the theatre uses a particular style mixing intimacy and  absurdities with existential questions, leaving an important part of humor.


The experience of the audience will emerge as the heart of her work, which will lead to creating new performative forms for public space. Always leaving a possibility for interaction, the audience can enjoy the themes brought up, as if they were personally adressed to him or her.




« Michaela uses her responsibility as an artist to « unveil and show ». Her choreographic pieces are not linear, they are not telling a story. They suggest a crooked pathway along which actors, dancers and spectators adjust their tempo.

Instinctively, she  juxtaposes complex patterns. Time passes by and each moment can possibly create un unexpected reaction, a stroke for a new common adjustment. each stage might be the occasion the experience the dazzling speed of intimacy. » 


                                                                                           Mélodie Cartel